Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jetstar Sales

Another airline coming in for the cheap fair. This time is Jetstar between KL to SG or Penang to SG. Sales ends Sun 27 February 2011 (23:59)

Route                                   Travel Periods         LightFare (RM)
Kuala Lumpur > Singapore      28 Apr - 26 May              $51
                                             6 Jul - 26 July
                                             27 Jul - 17 Aug
                                             14 Sep - 16 Nov             
Penang > Singapore               14 Sep - 16 Nov              $69

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Airasia Big Sale

Good news for traveler. Looks like  Airasia is also joining the fun to attract travel lover. 

Booking Period :
22 February 2011 - 27 February 2011
Travel Period : 13 September 2011 - 29 February 2012

Visit Airasia website for flights deal
For packages deal visit

MAS travel fair

Malaysia Airlines is having a good deal on flights and holiday package for local and international destination. The price is good for a full service airline. Therefore, please don't compare the price with no frill like Airasia. 

Booking period : 21 - 28 Feb 2011
Travel Period (Econ class) : Domestic 7 Mar 2011 - 31 Dec 2011. International 7 Mar 2011 - 28 Sep 2011 
Travel Period (Biz class) : Domestic 21 Mar 2011 - 31 Dec 2011. International 21 Mar 2011 - 28 Sep 2011 

Visit MAS website for ticket only
for holiday package, visit
or call 1300 88 3000

Friday, February 18, 2011

Get 1 month free subscription on Unifi

Sign up online for TM Unifi High Speed Broadband Internet services and enjoy 1 month free subscription. 

There is also free installation worth RM200 if sign up before 31 March 2011. 

Here is the package available for home and business...

Visit here to sign up

Uniqlo female style up pants 23% off

Ladies, this one is for you. Uniqlo Malaysia is having a special on their slick female style up pants. Usual price is RM169.90 but now selling for RM129.90 (RM40 off). Offer valid till 3rd March 2011. 

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Discounted VW Passat CC

VW Jalan Ipoh is offering Passat @ RM228,888. The normal price is RM243,888. About RM15K discount.

Pop over to 546, Jalan Ipoh, 3rd mile, 51200 KL. Contact number +603.6259.6669.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Super cheap Kuala Lumpur / Penang to Singapore air ticket

Cheap air ticket from Jetstar. KL to Singapore for RM15 and KL to Penang for RM51

Travel period

22 March - 26 May 2011
6 July - 26 July 2011
27 July - 17 August 2011

For more info, visit

Ikea Friends Feb 2011 benefits buy

This month got more items benefits buy. Maybe due to celebrating Chinese New Year. The is also a meal deal for spring chicken. I think it is quite a big size for a spring chicken. Easily can feed 3-4 persons.






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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bosch washer trade-in RM1000 reward

Bosch will reward you RM1000 for your used working washer when you buy selected Bosch washers. Three models to choose from 5.5KG WAA12166SG (RM2588), 7KG WAE18161SG (RM3588) and 8KG WAS28444ME (RM5488). Downside is these models are year 2009. Anyhow, I still think a good trade in price. Promotion ends 15 Feb 2011. 

So if your washer has been making too much noise about heavy work, quickly check out this promo.

For promo info, visit
For washer spec info, visit

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Petrol soonyeah

Malaysia has been enjoying one of the cheapest petrol in the world. As crude oil price keep challenging the ceiling. The subsidy has been reduced. As for now, petrol is priced at RM2.70 per liter. I think it is time for me to review any soonyeah to ease the petrol price burden. So far I have found 3 soonyeah.

First is Direct Access Mastercard. It gives you 2% rebate on all petrol station iregardless of any brand. This give the most flexibility to choose which petrol company you want to use. The rebate is capped with a maximum of RM50 per card per month. You will need to use RM2500 of petrol to reach the cap. One important thing to mentioned, Direct Access credit card is free for life. No fees for maintaining the card.

The following two soonyeah ties you up with certain brand of petrol company.

Shell Citibank Credit Card. This card give you 1.5%-5% rebate. The rebate amount depends on few crititeria. Card type - Classic or Gold and Carried Forward balance. Visit the Citibank site which there is a calculator to count how much the rebate using this card.

Lastly, PETRONAS Maybankard Visa
This card don't give you rebate but give you more Treatspoint and services instead. 5x Treatspoint (limited time till 31July2008), free Touch n Go Zing card, free annual fee and free auto assist.